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    As many of you know, the United States is in the midst of a nationwide pandemic crisis.  Here at Clearwater Plumbing, we wish to keep everyone of you, as well as our families, safe.  On March 22, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., Governor Mike DeWine announced an official "Stay at Home" order for the state of Ohio.  Under this order, all non-essential services and businesses must close until a period no earlier than April 3, 2020 and may well extend longer.  While plumbing is one of the services that may remain open, in an attempt to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease, we will ONLY be performing services that we deem essential to your health and well being.  In addition, we will be taking necessary steps to protect our customers, as well as our families, and we ask at this time that you please help in this effort by working with us to ensure everyone's safety.  We understand this is a trying time and a bit inconvenient for a lot of people, but your health, and ours, comes first.  

     Services that will still be offered include:  Water heater replacement, major leak repairs, gas leak repairs, sump pump replacements, and interior drain cleaning if deemed necessary (please note that we do not offer main drain services).  Other services may be provided in certain situations.  

     The steps that we will be taking, and need your help with are as follows:

     If ANYONE has been sick in your household within the past 7 days, please inform us.  Any fever, cough, or other similar symptoms will require us to reschedule.  We will do the same for you.
     Please follow all social distancing procedures while we are in your home.  We ask that a minimum of 6 feet distance be maintained at all times. While we are working we ask that, when possible, members of your household remain in a separate room.  We will not be shaking hands during this time for everyone's safety.

    We ask that you clean surfaces that we will be touching prior to our arrival.  This includes plumbing fixtures, door handles, countertops, etc. 

     We ask that we have access to a clean sink to wash our hands immediately upon arriving to the job, and immediately before leaving.  We do not want to bring germs from outside sources into your home, and we do not want to take germs to the next location.  

     We may institute the use of items such as disinfectant sprays or wipes where necessary, please do not take offense to this, it is as much for your safety, as ours.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Piping
    We provide a wide variety of residential piping installations, repair, replacement, and removals of most drain, water, and gas pipes.
  2. Drainage
    We offer drain opening services for most interior drain systems including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and floor drains.
  3. Leak Repair
    Have a leak? We repair most leaks in everything from copper and pex plumbing systems to rigid gas pipe and more.
Clearwater Plumbing and Drain 
What You Can Expect
We strive to be prompt, friendly, and knowlegeable.  Treating each job as if it were for our very own home is just the beginning.  Our goal is to maintain a competive pricing structure while bringing you the best possible service, all while remaining a locally owned and family operated business.  We don't want to be your plumber for a day, we want to be your plumber for life, so we keep a very professional attitude from the beginning.  Give us a call today and see what Clearwater Plumbing can do for you.
  1. Professional, friendly service.
  2. Water heater installation, repair, and replacement 
  3. Faucet installation, repair, and replacement 
  4. Toilet installation, repair, and replacement 
  5. Sump pump installation and replacement 
  6. Interior water and gas line repairs 
  7. Valve replacements  
     ... and much, much more.